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To determine if your insurance will cover your counseling:

 Look up the information in your insurance benefits manual or

 ask the company directly.  The phone number will be on your insurance card, usually on the back.

Mental health services are sometimes covered at a different rate than medical services, so ask specifically for a mental health quote.

If your insurance plan is an HMO you can only see therapists on their list.  They will not cover therapists outside of their network.

If your insurance plan is a PPO you can see therapists who are not on their list, however coverage will be at a lower rate.

You will want to record the following information in case you have trouble getting reimbursement in the future:


______________________________                        _________________________

Name of Customer Rep you spoke to                           Date & time of call


Deductible for Policy______________________________

(amount of bills you must pay before your insurance provides coverage)


Amount insurance will pay each visit for mental health services _______________


Maximum visits allowed per calendar year for mental health services _______________


Maximum paid per calendar year for mental health services _______________


Ask if they cover the DSM diagnosis code of _______________


Ask the insurance company to send you their claim form, which you will fill out and send back to them with receipts from your counseling sessions.


Address where you mail the claim form ________________________________________