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Ministry with American Baptist Denomination 1980 - 1984

Ministry with nondenominational church 1987 - 1991

Co-leader for C.A.R.E recovery groups 1991

Ordained by Coastline Christian Fellowship as a pastoral counselor 1992

Pastoral counselor at Coastline Christian Fellowship 1992-1994

Pastoral Counselor 1994-2002

Psychological Assistant at Reinicke Counseling Associates 2002 - 2006

Psychologist in private practice 2006 - present

BA in Biology from University of Colorado at Boulder 1975

M.Div. from Fuller Seminary 1980

Doctor of Psychology from Trinity College of Graduate Studies 2004

Raised in an agnostic/atheistic family, Shelly became a Christian as a high school student in 1970 and found her first Christian friends in a pioneering Inner Healing Ministry. After college, sensing a call to ministry, she earned a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Seminary. In 1980 she began working in a church setting. As a result of her own personal recovery work through inner healing prayer and professional counseling, she was recognized and ordained as a pastoral counselor for her church. After 10 years of experience in that field, she earned a doctorate in psychology from Trinity College of Graduate Studies. She worked for Reinicke Counseling Associates as a Psychological Assistant, a position that proceeds licensure as a psychologist. Currently, she is in a private practice located in Carlsbad. She is married and has two young adult children.